✍ Writing Blogs from Notion

March 23, 2019

tl;dr: I wrote this blogpost from notion and published here with a little tool I wrote

I’ve recently really been into this tool Notion. It’s an information management tool that has a very tinkerer-oriented mindset.

Recently I saw a post on lobste.rs about python a library to hook into the (non-public) notion live-update APIs. I’d been wanting to futz with some of Notion’s internals for a while, and I figured this might be a good place to start.

I have this old blog site I haven’t updated in … 3 years (oops). it turns out, having access to a machine with my exact obscure build pipeline set up (or any pipeline at all) isn’t the best way to encourage yourself to write posts.

I’ve already been journalling in Notion about personal work & little tech projects and I like their editor a lot. Hooking it up was a fun dive into their remarkably simple and elegant API.

I’m planning on setting up a cron + CI soon to sync my posts to the world without having to spin up a dev environment.

No commitments on keeping it the blog updated though ;P

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